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Zerzevan Castle


6th century AD

There are public buildings in the higher southern part of the settlement. One of the best preserved public buildings in the city is the church consisting of 4 rooms in the east-west direction. The highest point of the settlement was M.S. The church, built in the 6th century, is entered from the southern courtyard, and there is a baptismal pool inside the building. There is a bronze bucket found in Zerzevan Castle and currently in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. On its surface, the ancient Greek words “ΥΠΈΡ ΕΥΧΉC ΚΑΙ CΩΤΗΡIΑC ΑΝΤΙΠAΤΡΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΝΤOC ΤΟY ΟIΚΟΥ ΑYΤΟY ΚYΡΙΟC ΦΥ The bucket belonging to the church with the inscription "ΛAΞΙ CΑΙ (For the acceptance of the wish - or offering - of Antpatros and his family and for their salvation. May God protect you)" is the same as the construction date of the church. period A.D. It is dated to the 6th century.

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