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Zerzevan Castle


AD 3-7. century

Outside the settlement area, there is a necropolis area consisting of different types of graves, and generally three types of graves have been identified here. These are vaulted tombs, rock tombs carved in the form of klines and sarcophagi. During the studies carried out in the necropolis area, two vaulted tombs have been identified so far. Outside the settlement, 88 m of the south tower. There are tombs carved into the main rock in the south. Other rock tombs are located on another high hill to the south of the settlement. The tombs in question generally have a stepped entrance and open directly into the burial chamber. Three klines were opened in all three directions outside the entrance to lay the dead. To the northwest of the rock tombs, there are 5 sarcophagus-shaped tombs carved into the bedrock, whose orientation is in the northwest-southeast direction, unlike the rock tombs. The sarcophagus lids of the graves have not survived to the present day.

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